History of Samaleswari Milk Union

This Milk Union was established in 1976 as Sambalpur Dist. Co-op. Milk Supply Union Ltd., with a share capital of Rs.1.0 lakh from Govt. of Orissa. Starting with just on 12 DCS out of which nine were defunct about 200 litres of milk was procured daily without any chilling, processing and other facilities. The area of operation of Milk Union was erstwhile Sambalpur District. Due to want of milk processing and preservation facility, even mere procurement of milk 200 litres during 1976 could not be sold in time and about half of it was spoiled as the raw milk has a self life for only four hours. Not only the Govt. share capital of Rs.1.0 lakh was wiped out due to spoilage of milk but by 1979 the Organisation owed to farmers to the tune of Rs.2.13 lakhs. There after, conversion of the semi-govt milk supply union to farmers organisation was implemented. Subsequently it was named as Sambalpur Dist. Coop. Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. and affiliated to OMFED and Union received assistance and guidance. Thereafter with the assistance of Govt & DRDA the first milk chilling plant 2000 litre/day was established near Chiplima in 1984. Second chilling plant of 2,000 litres/ day capacity was established at Jharsuguda in 1985 and the third Chilling Plant of 5,000 litre/day capacity was established in Baragarh in 1987. This improved facility of milk Chilling greatly helped the Milk Producers to take dairy as their secondary livelihood income generation and the viability of the Milk Union sustained. Within a short period procurement and marketing exceeded 2,000 litre per day.

During this period all the milk procured was sent daily to Rourkela Dairy for processing and packaging on modern scientific Plant. Pasteurised milk packed in Poly packs were brought daily to Sambalpur from Rourkela for marketing from 1986 to 1990. In 1990 a full fledged Sambalpur Dairy with 10,000 litres per day was established with poly pack packaging system under Operation flood III Programme with financial assistance from NDDB. This boosted the milk marketing in the area with competitive edge over the private milk vendors selling loose milk in open cans. In 1995-96 the processing capacity of Sambalpur dairy was further expanded from 10,000 litres to 30,000 litres per day. During March 1998 the milk union name amended as Samaleswari Regional Co-op. Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. During March 2005 the area of the Milk Union extended to Subarnapur district.

By March 2017 the milk union has 450 no. of functional societies and the presentaverage milk procurement is 75,000litres Per day. The milk union has one no. of Chilling plants at Bargarh of 30,000 litres Capacity per day 28 no. Bulk Milk Coolers with capacity of 98,000 litre per day. At present the total nos. of farmer members is 30,450 out of which 15,945 constitute women members which account 52% of the total membership. There are 188 no. of A.I. Centres in the Milk Union out of which 18nos. are managed by women members. The procurement of the Milk Union increased from 23,000 litres per day in 2001-02 to 75,000litre per day during 2016-17. The payment to the producers increased from Rs. 8.04 crore to Rs. 70.09 crore during the year 2016-17. There has been a manifold increase also in other indicators like milk marketing, milk procurement, DCS covered under AI, Cattle feed sale etc. The milk union has been making profit continuously since 1995-96 till date. More importantly, contribution of farmer members to total share capital has increased from a meagre Rs.2,000/- in 1976-77 to Rs.2.94 crore in 2016-17. The asset of the Milk Union too witnessed a steady growth during the years.

Even after spreading the activities with the use of available resources, it was difficult to extend facilities to entire potential areas of the districts. Hence, the proposal is prepared to intensify within the existing block is and further extend to other blocks of these districts.

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