Board of Directors

Samaleswari Regional Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd. is governed by a Board of Directors comprising of the following persons:-


Sri R. Raghu Prasad I.F.S

MD OMFED, Bhubaneswar


Sri Shubham Saxena, I.A.S.

Collector & DM, Sambalpur



Smt Sandhya Sahu

Udepali WDCS


Sri Jogendra Thapa

Silet MPCS


Sri Jayadev Padhan

Kubedega MPCS


Smt Padmabati Patel

Malidihi WDCS


Member Secretary

Sri Nagen Chandra Mishra

General Manager, SAMUL

The farmer members of the Board are elected for a five-year term from among the Committee members of the affiliated village level Anand Pattern Co-op. Societies. The very fact that a majority of the Board members are elected farmers ensures that the business policies of the Union are always governed with the interests of dairy farmers foremost in mind. In addition, the fact that the assets of the Union including chilling plants and the expertise and experience of its human resources are under the control of the farmer dominated board ensures that the instruments of development are firmly in the hands of the beneficiary farmers.

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