1. The objectives of the Union is to carry out activities conducive to the economic and socioeconomic, development of the milk producers by organising effective production, processing and marketing of commodities.

2. To achieve the above objectives, the Union may :

  • Purchase, pool, process, manufacture, distribute and market commodities of the members and others without affecting the interest of the members.
  • Organise new Milk Producers Cooperative Societies, develop affiliated societies to the utmost and advise, guide, assist, rectify, control or take over their management partially or fully when necessary and if appointed as an administrator by the Registrar or at the request of the members.
  • Organise supervision of affiliated societies and for the purpose to collect supervision charges with the permission of the Registrar.
  • Provide veterinary and artificial insemination services and other technical inputs for enhancement of milk production and medicines for prophylactic and preventive purpose.
  • Undertake and/or encourage production of milk, growing of fodder and agricultural products and extension activities.
  • Own herds of cattle for breeding programme.
  • Undertake or to assist in marketing of cattle.
  • Arrange training of employees of Union and members of Primary Milk Producers’ Cooperative Societies.
  • Own or hold on lease or otherwise movable or immovable properties and dispose off the same.

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