Lankeswari Temple

Lankeswari Temple is located inside the river Mahanadi at Sonepur town, Subarnpur district, Odisha . Once upon a time Sonepur region was known as Paschime Lanka. Goddess Lankeswari was the presiding deity of Paschima Lanka. Now Maa Lankeswari is worshiped by the Kaivarta (fisherman) community of Sonepur and people of Subarnpur district. One can see this temple while traveling on the road connecting Ulunda, Dharmasala, Sonepur and Birmaharajpur.

Subarnameru Temple

Subarnameru Temple is situated in Sonepur town in Subarnapur district of Odisha. It is a shrine for the worshipping of Shiva. Popular story of Gold coin Rain is associated with this Place, with this Temple when an ardent devotee asked lord for help, so the name is Sonepur or Subarnapur. The Place attracts thousands of visitors and Pilgrimages for its scenic beauty as this temple is situated just on the Bank of Tel River. Major festivals are Shivaratri and Kartik Purnima.

Sureswari temple

Sureswari temple is located at the left bank of Tel River towards the south-west of the confluence of Mahanadi and Tel River . This temple is located in the temple town of Sonepur , Subarnapur district, Odisha. The presiding deity is maa Sursuri and well known as one of the oldest Shakti shrine. The word Sureswari is the sankritised version of Sursuri.


Khaliapali is an importatn seat of Mahima cult where the Bhima Bhoi Samadhi temple is located. It is 25km from Sonepur. It is important to note that Bhima Bhoi was a celebrated poet and religious thinker of 9th Century A.D. and was a preacher of Mahima cult. After his death here, his followers made Khaliapali their principal religious centre. Magha chaurdasi festival is celebrated here with great pomp and splendor.

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