Sl. No.NameDateView / Download
38Office Order regarding extension of date of Hire Vehicle in Dipupada-Kusumi Milk Route09-07-2021
37MPCS Circular on Lean Incentive @Rs.2.0012-09-2019
36MPCS Circular for Incentive on Feed & Fodder19-09-2018
35MPCS Circular for Sign Board & Wall Painting in Odia language11-06-2018
34MPCS Circular for Milk procurement08-06-2018
33MPCS Circular for Annual Maintenance Contract of DPMCU21-05-2018
32MPCS Circular for supply of Milk Can Lid17-05-2018
31MPCS Circular for supply of Fodder seed (Maize & Sorghum)17-05-2018
30MPCS Circular for Rule follow in the time of Milk collection.10-05-2018
29Precaution during Summer Season at BMC level.02-05-2018
28Precaution during Summer Season at MPCS level.02-05-2018
27Annual General Body Meeting Notice28-03-2018
26Circular for use Helmet29-03-2018
25MPCS Circular for A.I Target29-03-2018
24MPCS Circular on MM, Med. & Centrifuse Machine20-01-2018
23Office Order for Cancellation of RFQ for Rooftop PV System with Grid connectivity.26-12-2017
22MPCS Circular for Omfed Cattle Feed rate25-11-2017
21MPCS Circular for penalty26-09-2017
20MPCS Circular for Milk Bill payment through Bank08-09-2017
19MPCS Circular for Milk procurement08-09-2017
18Insurance for Society Employees28-06-2017
17Fodder minikit availability02-06-2017
16DPMCU regular maintenance and cleaning02-06-2017
15Revised Head Load Chart Applicable For 01-04-201701-06-2017
14Renewal of Electronic Weighing Scale License of AMCS & DPMCU01-05-2017
13Corrected Electoral Roll of the Society25-04-2017
12Elimination of the membership of the discontinued members of MPCS04-04-2017
11Ideal management of a Dairy Cooperative Society31-03-2017
10Ideal management of a Bulk Milk Cooler31-03-2017
9Price list of the Inputs for supply to MPCS31-03-2017
8LN2 , Semen & Sheath Charges for A.I workers30-03-2017
7Decreased milk procurement in Lean Season08-03-2017
6Milk projection & MPCS membership plan for the 6 months of MPCS02-03-2017
5Price list of the OMFED products for MPCS.02-02-2017
4Premium cost of Cattle insurance05-12-2016
3Price of Nutri Gold Cattle feed.21-10-2016
2Appointment of internal auditor for audit of MPCS12-10-2016
1Milk Price Chart for Milk Producers01-06-2016

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