Sl. No.Name of TenderDate of IssueLast DateDownload
68Quotation Call Notice for Milk Testing Equipments2020-02-102020-02-20
67Quotation for Book Case2020-01-272020-02-12
66Tender paper of Lakhmara to Padampur MCC
65Tender Notice for Hire Vehicle from Lakhmara to Padampur MCC2019-12-242020-01-02
64Tender Paper for Bhatli to Bargarh & Fasimal to Boxma
63Tender Notice for engagement of vehicle in Bhatli to Bargarh & Fasimal to Boxma Milk Route2019-08-192019-08-30
62Tender paper for engagement of vehicle for LN2 transportation
61Tender Notice for engagement of vehicle for transportation of LN22019-07-292019-08-05
60Tander Paper for Hire Vehicle-Samasingha-Kirmira Milk Route
59Tender Notice for Hire Vehicle for Samasingha-Kirmira Milk Route2019-07-252019-08-05
58Tender Notice for Hire Vehicle for LN2 Transportation, Milk procurement in Jamala-MCC Padampur Route and Cattle Feed transportation in different places of Binka2019-05-302019-06-10
57Tender paper for Hire Vehicle engagement in Hatibari-Jayantpur MCC Milk Route
56Hire Vehicle Tender for Hatibari-Jayantpur Milk Route2019-01-192019-01-28
55Quotation Call Notice for Milk Can Scrubber Machine2019-01-052019-01-20
54Quotation Call Notice for First Aid Box2019-01-042019-01-18
50Tender for Civil work at OMTDC, Goshala2018-11-012018-11-22
49Civil work at OMTDC, Goshala, Sambalpur2018-10-152018-10-31
48Office Order for extension of date of Hire Vehicle Tender2018-10-042018-10-11
47Hire Vehicle Tender for Chantipali-Lakhanpur & Saletikra-Malidihi Milk Route2018-09-252018-10-04
46Tender Notice for 50 KVA & 15 KVA Servo Voltage Stabiliser2018-08-242018-09-10
45Hire Vehicle Tender for Barghat to Jamankira & Kasada to Jamankira Milk Route2018-08-062018-08-14
44Quotation Call Notice for Electrical items2018-05-142018-05-25
43Hire Vehicle Tender for Dunguripali & Lakhanpur-Chantipali Milk Route2018-05-172018-05-26
42Hire Vehicle Tender for Dunguripali Milk Route, Attabira-Bugbuga Milk Route & Sonepur-Tarva-Sonepur Milk Route2018-04-262018-05-10
41Quotation Call Notice for 25 KVA 3 Phase Sub-station at Jamankira2018-03-222018-04-06
40Quotation Call Notice for Electronic Milko Tester2018-03-222018-04-06
39Quotation Call Notice for BMC Spare Parts2018-03-032018-03-10
38Quotation Call Notice for Spare Parts of Milk Pump2018-02-272018-03-10
37Quotation Call Notice for Electrical Items2018-01-182018-01-25
36Tender for Hire Vehicle in Kusumi-Dipupada Route & LN2 transportation2018-01-122018-01-25
35Cancellation of RFQ for supply of Rooftop Solar PV System with Grid Connectivity2017-12-262017-12-26
34Quotation Call Notice for 25 KVA 3 Phase Transformer, installation & commission at Milk Chilling Plant, Pradhantikira, Po : Tora, Dist.-Bargarh2017-11-252017-12-04
33Hire Vehicle Tender for Hatibari to Jayantpur MCC Milk Route23.10.201730.10.2017
32Quotation Call Notice for supply of Air Condition.2017-10-202017-10-25
31Quotation Call Notice for supply of repair of Road Milk Tanker-OR-15-N-73892017-10-202017-10-25
30Quotation Call Notice for Milk Testing Equipments2017-10-112017-10-25
29Quotation Call Notice for installation of 25 KVA 3 Ph. Transformer at Pradhantikira2017-10-102017-10-25
28RFQ for Rooftop Solar PV System with Connectivity2017-10-072017-10-16
27Quotation Call Notice for Electrical Items2017-10-072017-10-16
26Quotation Call Notice for Centre Table & Office Table2017-10-072017-10-16
25Quotation Call Notice for repair of Stabiliser2017-09-222017-10-16
24Quotation Call Notice for repair of D.G.Set2017-09-222017-10-16
23Hire vehicle Tender for Tarva to Bileiberna Milk Route2017-09-222017-10-16
22Hire Vehicle Tender for Sonepur to Khatkhatia Milk Route2017-09-152017-09-26
21Quotation Call Notice for D.G.Set spare parts – Hour Meter2017-09-082017-09-20
20Quotation Call Notice for BMC Spare parts2017-09-082017-09-20
19Hire Vehicle Tender for Jayantpur-Parmanpur Milk Route2017-08-032017-08-16
18Hire Vehicle Tender for Jayantpur to Parmanpur Route2017-07-272017-07-31
17Quotation Call Notice for GST Software2017-07-262017-07-31
16Hire Vehicle Tender for Sonepur to Yudhistirpur (Birmaharajpur)2017-07-212017-07-28
15RFQ for Laptop Repairing2017-07-142017-07-25
14Quotation Call Notice Transformer2017-07-072017-07-25
13Quotation Call Notice Electrical Goods2017-07-062017-07-15
12Moulded Plastic Chair (Without Arm) for Boxma2017-06-062017-06-13
11QCN for Quick Heal Antivirus2017-05-292017-06-05
10QCN for Stabiliser 5KVA2017-05-292017-06-04
9QCN for repair of Road Milk Tanker OR-15-R-43402017-05-252017-06-12
8QCN for Electrical goods for BMC2017-05-242017-06-12
7QCN for BMC Spare Parts2017-05-242017-06-12
6Quotation Call Notice for Tyre2017-05-202017-06-05
5Quotation Call Notice for Battery2017-05-202017-06-05
4Quotation Call Notice for D.G.Set spare parts2017-05-202017-06-05
3Hire Vehicle?2017-05-202017-06-05
2Quotation Call Notice for digging of Borewell at Solabaga2017-05-042017-05-15
1Quotation Call Notice for Inverter & Battery2017-05-052017-05-15

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